5 major reasons why you should stop using fake Instagram likes

5 major reasons why you should stop using fake Instagram likes

5 major reasons why you should stop using fake Instagram likes

Not all Instagram “likes” you see are real, not even followers. Instagram is the easiest place to cheat and get fake likes and followers. That’s why its the most preferable place for upcoming influencers to begin their career. Instagram has changed a lot in recent times and lots of people who use the platform for either business or pleasure has complained that it’s now more difficult to gain likes and followers than it used to be before.

I know it can be very frustrating to spend your time and energy to edit your photos and after all that energy,You finally upload them only for the pictures to just sit there with no single like on it.

The set of people who are most affected by the new Instagram are the influencers and the business owner who depends on Instagram to run their businesses. If you don’t have thousands of followers already. It’s very difficult to get any major engagement on your photos and videos.

The influencers who have already received payments in advance to help promote a particular product or service will be frustrated if it doesn’t get the desired engagement from followers. Instagram is a nice way to earn good money if you can grow your fan base and make yourself available to companies with a large budget. This has made upcoming influencers and Instagram users to engage in all sort of dirty tricks and tactics just to fake their popularity.

They start using some software and websites to generate fake likes on their Instagram posts and also buy fake followers just to appear successful but in reality, they’re not. There are many apps on the Google Play store and even websites that sell fake likes. What they do is provide access to bots that follow or like posts as long as you keep subscribing. I recently stumbled on a website where you just paste any Instagram link and it will start generating fake likes for that post. In this post, Techcapon will explain why you shouldn’t use fake likes on any of your Instagram posts.

Number 1: It gives you a very bad Instagram engagement.

Have you ever seen a post that has over 2k likes on Instagram only for the same post to have only 5 or 6 comments? Or you see someone with 1 million followers getting less than 1K comments or likes. That’s what is called bad engagement. There’s no way you’ll have so many people liking your post that at least 10% of them will no leave a comment. If I see such post I immediately know it’s all fake and I immediately lose interest. A place where people go to buy fake likes is called a “Like Farm.”

Number 2: It destroys your reputation as an influencer

If you are an Instagram influencer or upcoming Influencer who wants to earn his living on Instagram. Your reputation is what the brands are more interested in and not really your “huge fanbase.” If you have huge fanbase its a good thing but we all know its very easy to buy fake followers and the companies know that as well. Imagine a brand wants you to promote a product for them. Only to discover that over 70% of your followers are fake and your likes are fake. Your reputation is already destroyed and they’ll never contact you again even if you gain real followers in the future.

Number 3: It’s very easy to expose a fake influencer and spot fake likes

You may think that you’re being smart and no one will find out but you’re wrong. These days it’s very easy to spot fake likes on an Instagram post. Imagine a Nigerian who uploads a post or photo and starts getting likes from only white people while there are little or no likes from fellow Nigerians. Automatically it means that all those likes are fake. Also, online tools like SocialBlade or FollowerCheck can also be used to expose any fake person on Instagram.

Number 4: Instagram will finally catch you

Oh yes, Instagram will catch up with you eventually because they know who is real and fake. The company has a no-nonsense attitude towards cheating on its platform. They encourage users to upload photos and engage fans in real-time and not use bots. If you’re lucky, they may send you a warning but if you’re not they block your account altogether. If celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Justin Beiber and so on will lose millions of followers because of Instagram purge, I wonder why you think your case is special.


Fake Instagram likes

Number 5: Fake followers is a huge turn off for big brands

When you have many fake followers it’s so easy to tell even a child will know. Most of the fake followers have no real profile pictures or posts. Most times they just use pictures of Arab people or Indians or even cartoons and pets. Not only followers and likes can be bought. People can also buy fake comments. You see that the comments are just spams and irrelevant to the main post. These kind of things are a huge turn off for big brands. They would never want to transact any business with you.


However, the best thing to do is to grow your fanbase naturally by being very active and responsive. Post good pictures, comment on other people’s posts and like their comments. Make quality posts and engage your followers in real-time and your followers will grow.



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