Apple dumps Qualcomm, set to launch it’s first 5G iPhone with Intel chip in 2020

5G iPhone

Intel and Apple will work on 5G iPhone

Intel would soon be smiling to the bank as they have been chosen by Apple to supply processors for it’s first 5G phone. This is following a major dispute between Apple and Qualcomm. Apple has been accused by Apple of stealing it’s technology and sharing it with Intel. As the legal battle rages on and as we draw closer to the era of 5G technology, Apple is set to launch it’s first 5G phone by 2020. Intel has won a jackpot by securing this deal from Apple. This is because Apple is the highest selling smartphone brand in the world right now followed by Huawei and Samsung.

5G iPhone

Fast company report

According to a report from Fast Company , Apple will go ahead with using Intel modems for the first 5G iPhone, set to launch in 2020. This has finally killed rumors that Apple plans to dump Intel in it’s future plans.  The report by Fast Company reads: “Intel has been working on a precursor to the 8161 called the 8060, which will be used for prototyping and testing the 5G iPhone. The 8161 will be fabricated using Intel’s 10-nanometer process, which increases transistor density for more speed and efficiency.”

5G iPhone

This doesn’t change the fact that Apple wants to reduce it’s dependence on other companies. Apple and Qualcomm have been locked in a fierce legal battle and it is likely to continue. Apple has only three options. Manufacture it’s own 5G processors, stick with Intel or use MediaTek.

Apple has it’s own share of problems with Intel. This is because Intel has failed to solve the heat dissipation issues in their 8060 modem chip. However, the issue is not enough for Apple to go back to Qualcomm again for 5G modems.

All hope is not on Intel as Apple already has a secret plan B in case Intel could not deliever. As a plan B, Apple has also opened up conversation with MediaTek, another chipmaker for supplying 5G chips.


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