Apple’s new iOS 13 is coming with a dark mode

Apple's new iOS 13 is coming with a dark mode

iOS 13

Popular smartphone leaker 9to5Mac has obtained screenshots of the upcoming iOS 13 and it features a system-wide dark mode. Apple’s Worldwide Developers conference 2019 is coming up in less than one week so it is totally normal for leaks to start popping up out of nowhere. These leaks have confirmed our suspicions that Apple is coming up with a system-wide dark mode in its latest iOS upgrade.

Apple users who upgrade to the latest iOS 13 will be able to enjoy this dark mode by going through the settings of the device or through the control centre. No major changes will occur at the Home Screen except the fact that it will get a rich dark background to match with the new dark mode.

iOS 13

Also, Apps like music will get a dark background as well and there will be new wallpapers that are custom made to suit this new iOS feature. For those iPhones with OLED display, the new dark mode is going to look really perfect on the screen. This is due to the true black nature of the OLED displays.

One major benefit of the dark mode is not just about the new looks. It’s also going to help in saving battery life as it’s going to use fewer pixels on the screen than normal. Apple is definitely going to talk more on the new Dark Mode next Monday when it holds its Apple World Wide Developers conference.

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