Asus banned from selling its zenfone and zenbook devices in India

Asus banned from selling its zenfone and zenbook devices in India

Asus banned from selling its Zenfone and Zenbook devices in India

Asus Zenfone

Following a new court ruling, Taiwanese tech giant Asus has been banned indefinitelyin India. They were banned from selling its own devices with the Zenfone and Zenbook brand name in India. The court ruling followed a lawsuit filed by Telecare Network. The company (Telecare Network) claimed that the Zen and Zen Mobiles are trademarks owned by them since 2008. Not only that, they have been selling their own devices under the “Zen” brand name.

Telecare Network further claimed that while they have been using the name since 2008. Asus only started using the name in 2014. That suggests that Telecare has more right over the name than Asus does.

Asus Zenfone and Zenbook banned in India

Asus in its own defence argued that the word “Zen” is a generic term which can be used by anyone. However, the India high court based in Delhi ruled in favour of Telecare. This is because the name is more likely to create confusion among buyers. The court said that buyers may think both companies are related to each other. Then it banned Asus from selling devices under the name.

With this ruling, Asus can no longer sell its Zenfone and Zenbook devices in India which is one of its largest markets. Asus released a press statement concerning the ruling. They said that the Asus legal team is currently working with the Delhi high court to resolve the issues.

Furthermore, they said that the supply and maintenance, as well as repairs for all its Zenfone and Zenbook devices, remains unchanged for all its customers in India. Asus has a court hearing on the matter on the 10th of July 2019. This court ruling comes as Asus is set to launch the latest ZenFone 6 in India. This may force the company to come up with another name for the device is things don’t turn out in their favour.

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