Avengers Endgame: Watch the trailer now !


The trailer of the much anticipated Avengers Endgame is here and the movie will be officially out in 2019.  Marvel President Kevin Feige has already dropped a hint that the trailer will be out by the end of this year and true to his world we now have it. The trailer shows the devastation caused by Thanos who kept his promise by killing half of the human race.

Trailer started with an emotional Tony Stark (Iron Man) recording a heartfelt video to his fiancee. In the emotional video he said  “Part of the journey is the end.” This insinuated that he was going to undertake a deadly mission and he may not survive it.


In another scene, Captain America says “We lost, all of us. We lost friends, we lost family, we lost a part of ourselves. This is the fight of our lives.” However, the trailer has a lot of suspense in it. Just watch it and kep your fingers cross for the main action next year.

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