CES2019: How about a smart suitcase that follows you around like a dog?

The ForwardX CX-1 suitcase follows it's owner like a puppy


CES is always full of many tech gimmicks that mostly doesn’t come to reality. Now we’ve seen another one of such tech gimmicks, a suitcase that follows it’s owner where ever they go. That’s really amazing and we at techcapon hope this robotic suitcase becomes a real product and not just a show-off. I really want this product to go on sale in the market as an actual product. The problem with CES is this. Lot’s of startup companies comes to show off their latest products. But when they’re not able to get investors, the product is canceled. They never make it into the market.

A Chinese company called ForwardX has unleashed this suitcase called the CX-1. Mind you, this is not the only smart suitcase out there. This product has a combination of many tech features into it. It has a self-driving tech with facial recognition and camera AI all embedded into the CX-1.

ForwardX CX-1 suitcase


However, the ForwardX CX-1 follows it’s owner like a puppy, you don’t need to drag it behind you. Designed to move at a max speed of 7 mph, the camera is set to follow it’s owner. The suitcase also has a smart wristband like a wristwatch which the owner wears at all times. The essence of the wristband is just in case the suitcase lost the owner, it can use the sensors on the wristband to track the owner and find him again.

Another amazing thing about the wristband is that if someone tries to steal your CX-1 suitcase behind you, it will alert the owner. This luggage is just a prototype but it works just fine. It uses a rechargeable battery to operate. The company says it will launch the product later this year but is not really sure when. Also, the company is not sure what the price will be. However, one thing is certain, it will not be too expensive.

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