China unveils it’s 440 meters long high-speed Fuxing train in Beijing

Photo credit: Daily mail

Fuxing train

For those wondering what the meaning of Fuxing is, it means “rejuvenation”. It would also interest you to know that China has 60% of the world’s high-speed railway lines. China’s next generation Fuxing bullet train boasts a top speed of 400kmh (248mph) and a normal speed of 350kmh. This is the first ever high speed train to be manufactured by Chinese engineers without any help from the west. The Chinese engineers learnt how to develop this train from advanced countries such as Japan, France, Germany and Canada. They only pent 13 years learning it before manufacturing their own.

Fuxing train

The Shanghai-Beijing railway line is the busiest in the country and that’s the route the new Fuxing trains will be used. These trains are expected to convey over 505,000 passengers daily. Currently, there are two models of the Fuxing series. The CR400AF and CR400BF series. Of course they’re expected to release more models of the trains in the future.

The Fuxing high-speed train

Fuxing train

Normal trains travel between Shanghai and Beijing in 5 hours but this train will be significantly faster. Apart from speed, this sleek and stylish trains will be more comfortable and posh. It will provide air-conditioning, free Wi-Fi and enough leg room for all it’s passengers.

It also features sophisticated on-board monitoring system which can slow the train down in terms of emergencies. Western companies, including Siemens from Germany, Bombardier from Canada and Alstom from France, had to ink deals with the only two Chinese companies allowed by the Chinese government to build bullet trains – in exchange for the huge Chinese market.

Fuxing train

No wonder Donald Trump is very angry with the Chinese, they will always use Western technology to advance their own. Workers from more than 20 Chinese companies joined forces to form a core team in order to build Fuxing in the past three years. The operator of the new trains is the China Railway Corporation, based in Beijing.

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