Chinese Electric car makers Nio set to launch a cheaper, midsize Electric SUV

Nio set to launch a cheaper, midsize SUV the Nio ES6

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Chinese electric car startup Nio is preparing to launch it’s low cost electric SUV, the Nio ES6. This is coming just few months after it unveiled the more expensive ES8. However the ES6 will only cost $52,000 which is $14,000 cheaper than the ES8. Nio is a Chinese electric car maker that is aimed at competing with Tesla in the Chinese market. While Tesla is aimed at the luxury car market, Nio is aimed at the midrange electric car market.

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According to reports, the Nio ES6 will do 62MPH in just 5.6 seconds, and should have a range of 255 miles on a single charge. The car has a 70kWh battery although there’s also an 84kWh option with a 298-mile range. The higher end version of the ES6 will pump out a massive 62MPH mark in 4.7 seconds. Now looking at the design of the ES6. I’ll say the Chinese company is very serious about competing in the EV industry.

Nio ES6 side view

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This midsize SUV has a very beautiful design and looks a lot like it’s big brother, the ES8. I absolutely love the back design as well as the LED lights which gives the car an aggressive bold appearance.  A post on the official Twitter handle of Nio says.  “We are proud to announce that the ES6 will be officially launched at NIO Day 2018 on December 15! Priority pre-orders for the NIO ES6 kick off on December 1, 2018″.

This means Chinese buyers can now pre-order the cars ahead of the June 2019 delivery date. For now there’s no information on whether the company plans to sell this car outside China. However we seriously hope they do. This will provide a cheaper option for buyers who love electric cars but can’t afford the expensive price tag it comes along with.

Nio ES6 interior

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Nio’s mainstream car business is still relatively small, with 9,726 ES8s reaching customers as of December 15th. This is a far cry from Tesla which has delivered 56,065 Model 3 cars just in the third quarter of 2018.

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