Dolby set to release a new mobile app for recording high quality audio

Dolby set to release a new mobile app for recording high quality audio


As spotted by TechCrunch, Dolby is secretly testing a new mobile app called 234 for recording audio. This new app is available through a website sign-up form and will let you record clear audio, cancels background noise, and also apply presets. The Dolby 234 website has since been deactivated but TechCrunch already grabbed a copy of the app before it was deactivated. Dolby 234 was advertised on the site by saying, “How can music record on a phone sound so good? Dolby 234 automatically cleans up the sound, gives it tone and space, and finds the ideal loudness. It’s like having your own producer in your phone.”

The app is incredibly easy to use according to testers. All you have to do is tap the record button and the app will start recording. Before recording begins, it tests the room tone for a few seconds. Once you finish recording, you can polish the audio using pre-installed presets.

Dolby 234

Tool options include removing unwanted background noise, adjusting the tune by adding bass and treble, adding “boost” etc. The free version only comes with one preset but you can unlock six others by paying a fee. For example, “Lyric” is “full, smooth, and balanced,” while “Thump” is “deep, full, and powerful.”

However, the extra presets are available for free trial of 7 days. Dolby is smart enough not to let you see the real settings during that trial period. Once you’ve finished polishing the audio, you can share it using  Dolby or to SoundCloud. Obviously, there’s still lots of improvement to be done on the app. The app is really a beautiful app in terms of the user interface but according to the users, it doesn’t really live up to the hype. Dolby 234 doesn’t really make your voice sound like it is recorded with a professional microphone.

Notwithstanding, the app is here and I believe lots of work will be done on it before its final release. Techcapon will keep you updated as more information emerges.

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