Energizer Power Max 18,000mAh battery smartphone review

Energizer Power Max 18,000mAh battery smartphone review

Energizer Power Max 18,000mAh battery smartphone review

Smartphone company Energizer has created a monster device with a monster battery which is very heavy to use. If you’re the type who’s comfortable with sliding in your smartphone into your pocket, this device is absolutely not for you. My friends at TechRadar says you’ll have to be a bodybuilder to the Energizer Power Max 18,000mAh and I quite agree.

The smartphone which is called Energizer Power Max P18K Pop was put on a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo but failed to generate expected revenue.


This means the device will be produced in very small scale. So even if you want to really use it, you may be able to find it for purchase.


Energizer Power Max P18K Pop design

Energizer Power Max

This phone is too big and too heavy for comfort. Apart from its behemoth battery, the Energizer Power Max has no special features that make it stand out among other devices. It has no headphone jack even though it has a fingerprint sensor and a USB-C port at the bottom. The display has no notch and very slim bezels around it. This is made possible because of its pop-up selfie camera.


Energizer Power Max P18K Pop battery and camera

The battery is the main feature of this device and probably the only reason you may want to buy it. It has a massive 18,000mAh and the biggest battery in any smartphone I’ve ever reviewed. It Energizer says the battery can last over 100 hours of music playback and over 90 hours of calls.


Because of its huge battery pack, the device comes with a fast charging feature as well as a power-sharing capability. This enables the device to be used as a power bank to charge other smartphones.


In the camera department, it has a dual (16MP+2MP)  front pop-up selfie camera. At the back is a triple camera setup which has a 12MP main sensor as well as 5MP and 2MP cameras.


 Energizer Power Max P18K Pop software, storage and processor


It runs on the latest Android 9.0 Pie. Fueling this monster is a MediaTek Helio P70 chipset which is not as powerful as a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 but still gets the job done. In the storage department, it has a huge 6GB RAM and a 128GB storage capacity.

Energizer Power Max P18K Pop price and release date

Energizer Power Max

The price of this behemoth device is a whopping $680. Which is rather too expensive for a device with a big battery. It has no real special feature except the huge battery. Therefore, I think the phone is rather too expensive for that price. As for the release date, rumours have it that it will be officially released in a small scale probably by June/July this year.

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