Everything you should know about Tesla Full driving technology and Autopilot.

Everything you should know about Tesla Full driving technology and Autopilot.

Everything you should know about Tesla Full driving technology and Autopilot.

Recently Tesla (TSLA) invited investors from around the world to its headquarters in Palo Alto. California.  Where it unveiled the power of its latest full-driving technology and autopilot.

During the event, the company shared its complete self-driving roadmap to the attendees. Of course, all Tesla’s key people were present at the event including CEO Elon Musk to address investors and attendees on how the technology will revolutionize the auto industry.


Not only that, but the company also gave investors ample opportunity to test-drive the vehicles equipped with the new full test driving technology that is yet to be released. The event dubbed Autonomy Day was Tesla’s golden opportunity to establish itself as a big player in the highly competitive autonomous vehicle race which is dominated by giants such as Google’s Waymo and GM Cruise. The entire self-driving system comprises cameras, radar and Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Elon Musk was present to answer multiple questions on how the technology worked and how it makes driving much safer. In the video released by Tesla, it showed the full self-driving technology in action. Even though there was a human driver behind the wheel, he was pretty much useless as the car was driving itself all through and manoeuvring smoothly through traffic.


Here is why self-driving cars are much better than cars with human drivers

A human driver is like a camera on a gimbal. It can’t see everywhere at the same time. However, a Tesla with full autonomy can see everywhere at the same time according to Elon Musk. The more it is being used the more intelligent it becomes.


With the way Tesla is going, a time is coming where the Tesla car will no longer need a human behind the wheel. Elon Musk says Tesla will be the ultimate RoboTaxi. This means the cars will go out all by itself, carry passengers like an Uber, make money for its owner, plug themselves in and so on without any human supervision.


Both theTesla Model S and Model 3 will be used as RoboTaxis in the future. Also, with time a lot of parts will be deleted from the cars. Parts like pedals, brakes, steering wheels etc will be useless and deleted. This is because the cars will be controlled fully by the Tesla network.


You can use your smartphone to control how you want your car to operate. In the Tesla RoboTaxi network, owners can add or delete their cars from the network.  They can even decide how many hours a week the car would operate all from their smartphones.


Elon Musk has confirmed that the Tesla Network (RoboTaxi) will be effectively rolled out in 2020. This means the future is already closer than we all imagined.


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