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Facebook is rolling out dark mode for Facebook Messenger in some regions

Facebook is rolling out dark mode for Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Facebook is reportedly rolling out dark mode on it’s Messenger app in some countries according to reports. Although the app is very late to the party, it’s better late than never.  Last year YouTube released the dark mode for the app, Twitter and many other apps already have a dark mode. It’s quite surprising to see an app as popular and widely used as Facebook Messenger just coming up with this feature. According to  Android Police, the dark mode feature is being tested in some countries although as an incomplete version.

This is exciting news to users of the popular Facebook Messenger. This is because the old blue and white user interface are becoming boring and if will be great to see a fresh new UI. A credible source Jane Manchun Wong posted on her twitter handle @wongmjane that the feature is only available in few countries. “Facebook Messenger, seemingly due to prolonged external nagging, has started public testing Dark Mode in certain countries,” she wrote. “They have put up a fair warning that Dark Mode isn’t everywhere yet so don’t complain when some UI burns your eyes off.”

Facebook Messenger

A Facebook spokesperson also confirmed the rumors but declined to offer any additional information. As of now, no one really knows which countries the feature is available in. However, did manage to lay our hands on some of the screenshots of the new dark mode. I can confirm to you, this feature is lovely!

Wong also confirmed how to activate the new dark mode. She said the dark mode feature can be activated in the “Me” section of the app. In October 2018, Facebook already teased dark mode feature when it announced Messenger’s simplified makeover. Jane Manchun Wong managed to activate the dark mode feature and shared it via Twitter.

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