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Facebook quietly launches Lasso, a new app designed to compete with TikTok

Facebook Lasso

Facebook launches Lasso

World’s biggest social media company Facebook has quietly launched a new app called Lasso.  The app that is very popular among teenagers which allows people share short, 15 seconds fun videos. As teenagers and young people in general continues to move away from Facebook, the social media giant is doing everything it can to lure them back. The launch of this app is one of such attempts by Facebook to lure youths back.

Facebook Lasso

A source from Facebook told TechCrunch last month ahead of its launch that the app was “basically TikTok/Musically,” adding that it was “built for teens, fun and funny and focused on creation.” On Lasso, users can have fun and do everything they can do on TikTok. They can record short videos of themselves dancing, singing, or doing Yoga gymnastics.  The new app is also available on iOS and Android. 

Statement from Facebook

Another source from Facebook told The Verge: “Lasso is a new standalone app for short-form, entertaining videos — from comedy to beauty to fitness and more. We’re excited about the potential here, and we’ll be gathering feedback from people and creators.”

The app is basically intertwined with Facebook and Instagram as you can sign up using Facebook or Instagram. Lasso’s creative tools include the feature to adjust speed or add music, and its catalog includes millions of licensed songs. Another thing that makes the app interestingly intertwined with Facebook is this.  You have to authorize it to have access to your profile page, photos and fun videos.

Facebook Lasso

Future updates will allow you to share videos on Instagram. For now, you can share your videos on Facebook stories. Trending Hashtags are displayed on the bottom, and like other major social media platforms, you can also filter content with tags. As you complete the sign up process, you’ll be able to scroll through lots of videos that autoplay as you scroll by. Of course, I need to warn you, it is data intensive.

This means it consumes lots of data but it’s fun if you love TikTok. This is coming just months after Facebook launched it’s first video platform IGTV. It was designed to battle with YouTube. The only difference between Lasso and IGTV launch is that lots of noise was made by Facebook about IGTV while Lasso was launched quietly. The company is launching apps to rival any app that’s poular. That’s one of it’s strategies to remain relevant among youths. Facebook says Lasso is “starting small” and plans to collect feedback from users and its creators.

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