Fisker set to launch a cheap electric SUV in 2021

Fisker set to launch a cheap electric SUV in 2021

The competition against Tesla is becoming stiffer by the day. Fisker is now geared towards launching its own semi-affordable electric SUV which is going to be pegged at $40,000. Funny thing is that this new automaker is trying to beat the newly released Tesla Model Y both in range and battery capacity.

While the Tesla Model Y starts at 230 miles, California Fisker is aiming a 300-mile range as standard through an 80kWh-plus battery. That’s quite ambitious for a relatively new and unknown car company. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t pull it off for that price tag. If the company succeeds, it will be a big win for them.

California Fisker

However, the company still plans on introducing an optional dual motor as well as all-wheel drive (AWD) later. The major challenge for us all is that we have to wait for a long time to see if the car will actually become a reality. Fisker says that it plans on releasing a drivable prototype by the end of 2019. After that, it will start working to launch its production model in the late part of 2021.

That’s the same time Tesla is planning to release its own cheaper version of the Model Y. No one really knows if Fisker will be ready with the car by that time. The company plans to produce its cars in California, United States. It will sell them directly to the customers, cutting out the middlemen and dealerships. That will explain why the car will be relatively cheap.

Notwithstanding, if this model of Fisker succeeds in impressing the customers, the company plans to release two more models into the market. For now, Fisker is not a car company but just a niche luxury brand for electric car lovers. I wish the company well and hopes it succeeds.

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