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Ghostwriter: New AI powered program to catch exam cheats

Researchers develop new AI-powered program to catch exam cheats

Researchers develop new AI-powered program to catch exam cheats

A survey of over 70,000 high school students in the United shows that 955 of them have cheated during exams at one point or the other. This shows the high level of cheating going on in exams all over the world. If a country as advanced as the US can still have this problem. Then what will be the fate of third world countries like Nigeria and Africa at large?

This is some researchers at the University of Copenhagen have created a foolproof method of detecting those who cheat during exams or even assignments. They created a powerful AI-powered tool that can tell if you actually cheated in your assignment or someone wrote it for you.

The program which is named Ghostwriter is a product of years of hard work and analysis of over 130,000 assignments. How this program works is simple. It runs your assignment through an algorithm. This will show if what you submitted has anything in common with another previously submitted assignment.

Researchers develop new AI-powered program to catch exam cheats

Also, Ghostwriter program additionally compares all submitted assignments with previously submitted ones. This way it can carefully analyse the patterns, structures and so on to reach a final conclusion. Although schools in Denmark already use other software to checkmate cheating, none has used a program as sophisticated as Ghostwriter.

However, the researchers have expressed hope that more schools will embrace the technology and implement its usage in their schools. Stephen Lorenzen from the University said that any result from the program should not be used totally. It should rather support and substantiate a suspicion of cheating.

The ghostwriter is also expected to be used by law enforcement agents to detect forged documents. It has already been used by the University of Copenhagen to detect if a tweet is written by a real human or a bot.   


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