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Hello guys I’m Victor Lofty, founder and chief editor of Techcapon.com. Techcapon is one of the fastest growing tech blogs in the world with thousands of readers daily. What most people don’t know about me is the fact that I’m also a freelance writer on many blogs, websites and organizations.

However, I have worked with many popular blogs and websites all around the world. Writing is my passion and not only am I a tech writer, I also research and write on other niches. They include health, celebrity, lifestyle, gossips, autos, politics and so much more.

As a company, you need a professional writer who can write great articles for your products in order to drive huge sales and make good profit. This is one of the arena where my skill is highly unmatched as I give the best to all our clients. We also offer unlimited reviews until our clients are satisfied.

I write SEO optimised, original articles for websites and blogs. All you have to do is tell me the “Tittle” of the article and how many words you want it to be and I will deliver it within 24 hours. My prices are quite affordable.


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Capontech@gmail.com or lofty9000@gmail.com

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