How to protect yourself in an UBER by TechCapon

How to protect yourself in an UBER by TechCapon


While the murder of Nipsey Hussle was trending all over the world, another murder was also trending. It was the murder of 21-year-old Samantha Josephson, a university student who was murdered after getting into the wrong car thinking it was her Uber ride. She ordered an Uber while waiting for a black car pull over, thinking it was her Uber, she got inside not knowing that the driver was a predator. He murdered her in cold blood and dumped her body in the bush. The killer, 24-year-old Nathaniel David Rowland has been identified and arrested after her blood was found in his car seats and trunk.

Ride-hailing apps have grown so popular around the world with millions of Uber rides ordered every day. While it is one of the most convienient ways to move around, criminal has also used this technology for bad purposes. There are many reports of passengers being kidnapped, raped, robbed and killed. Today, TechCapon will take out time to explain how to protect yourself from what we call “UBER PREDATORS.”

Identify your Uber driver and the car

Whenever you request an Uber, it is very important for you to identify your driver. This is very simple. After you’ve been matched with a driver, the app automatically shares info about the vehicle and driver headed to your pickup location. This information includes the driver’s name, photo, and vehicle including the model and licence plate number. This information is for the protection of the passenger. The driver also has information about his passenger. You must confirm that the info corresponds with the car before you enter the car.

Deactivate the “child lock” before you get in.

Child lock is a safety feature that is designed to keep kids safe. It also ensures that they cannot open the car from the inside. Child locks have been present in cars since the early ’90s.  Therefore, I’m sure all Uber cars have this feature installed. If the child lock is engaged, the door cannot be opened from inside. However, can only be opened from the outside. An Uber driver with bad intentions can decide to activate the child lock so that you will be trapped inside the car with no way out. So before you get in, turn off the child lock, or make sure it’s not activated.

No funny shortcuts

This is a popular trick used by criminals. They’ll try to tell you they’re trying to beat traffic or save fuel by taking an unknown shortcut. Shout him down and insist he take the normal route or he drops you immediately. If you allow them to take you down that lonely path all in the name of shortcut, you might as well be prepared for whatever comes next.


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