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Huawei demotes employees who tweeted with iPhone on new year.

Huawei demotes employees who tweeted with iPhone on new year.

Huawei iPhone

Huawei has started taking this annoying trend very seriously. The annoying trend whereby workers of an Android smartphone company tweets with official company account via the iPhone. I mean, how does this keep happening over and over? Gal Gadot who was once a brand ambassador for Huawei made this same mistake by tweeting about Huawei via iPhone. Last year, Samsung Nigeria had to delete over 300 tweets that were sent from an Apple device after it was exposed.

Now Huawei staff tweeted a new year message to the company’s Twitter followers via the iPhone sparking huge outrage. Popular YouTuber Marques Brownlee has been the one dishing them out. It got so rampant that fans have asked him to add twitter police to his bio, something he said he would definitely consider. Now Huawei said it has demoted and slashed salaries of staff caught tweeting happy new year message to the fans.

Huawei tweets via iPhone

Huawei iPhone

The tweet reads “Happy new year from all of us at Huawei. Our resolution this new year is to give you more reasons to those you care about.” The tweet itself was a warm and beautiful tweet but that’s not what the fans care about. They quickly noticed it was sent via iPhone and quickly bashed Huawei. However, the controversial tweet has now been deleted.

Chen Lifang, the company’s senior vice president said the incident caused damage to the Huawei brand. However, the reason why iPhone was used to send the tweet appears to be genuine. Twitter is not accessible in China but with the use of VPNs, twitter is been used in China. The company handling Huawei’s social media accounts, Sapient experienced VPN glitches. So the only way was to use an iPhone fitted with a foreign sim card.

The punishment for this flaw is as follows. 5,000 yuan (around $728) will be deducted from their monthly salary in addition to being demoted. Also, another staff will have his salary frozen for 12 months. A memo released by Huawei says, “the incident exposed flaws in our processes and management.”

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