IGTV launch, should YouTube be worried? See full review.


IGTV launch, should YouTube be worried?


YouTube is owned by Google and it’s the second most visited website in the world after Google.  According to Alexa, YouTube is also the second best search engine in the world after Google. Instagram however is 13th most visited website in the world and just hit one billion active users, It is owned by Facebook which is the 3rd most visited website in the world after YouTube. Young people all over the world are spending less time on TVs and spending more time on their smartphones.  The battle to bring the best video service to the smartphones is very tough. Now YouTube has really stood the test of time from strong competitions such as Vimeo and so on.  The truth is that no one can stay on top forever. One day, a strong rival will take the top spot.

This brings us to the main point of this topic. Recently Instagram announced the birth of it’s video sharing platform that will allow users share videos up to one hour long and it is called IGTV (Instagram television). This announcement is posed a big threat to YouTube as Mark Zuckerberg launched IGTV to be the biggest rival to YouTube at the moment and YouTube have every reason to be worried. This is good news to aggrieved YouTube users as YouTube has been heavily accused of foul play and cheating users on payments and so on. You’ll recall that an Iranian woman launched a Suicide attack on YouTube headquarters this year for the same reason. It’s really good to be able to have a strong rival to YouTube that’ll make them humble. Inasmuch as I welcome the birth of IGTV with open arms, I’ll also warn you, don’t be too excited about it yet!

My reasons and observations.

1. Monetization.

It’s never a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket that’s why a lot of YouTube users are also going over to IGTV.  Checking out the new features but IGTV doesn’t have a cut out monetization feature like YouTube yet. However I think it’s because it’s still new and will probably work on that feature for it’s content creators.  That feature is what will really make YouTube users to decamp to IGTV in their millions. I’m very sure that feature will be perfected in the near future.


2. Portrait mode vs landscape mode.

While YouTube’s full screen mode allows you to watch your videos in landscape mode, IGTV forces it’s users to watch the videos in portrait mode. Believe me I really hate that feature and hope Instagram developers change it fast because a lot of viewing angles are lost while watching videos with your phone in potrait mode. Imagine if your TV at home has a vertical shape. Rubbish!

3. Data and battery consumption.

I also observed that IGTV consumes more data and battery life than YouTube. Why this is so I really can’t tell but that’s the way it is. If you want to spend a lot of time watching videos on IGTV, you can as well plug your phone at the same time and also be ready to spend more money on data.

4. Search engine optimization.

YouTube is the perfect video searching platform for now, even a kid knows how to search videos on YouTube. IGTV for now has not really perfected that feature because I still find it a little difficult to find videos on it. I’m sure they’re still working on it. It’s still a new born baby remember?

My verdict

I’m really happy with the birth of IGTV as it will definitely make YouTube humble. It will create competition and take away the monopoly of YouTube. I firmly believe that for now YouTube is the king. However it should not be too comfortable because with millions of people also decamping to IGTV, it’s only a matter of time before we’ll know if YouTube can remain on the throne. IGTV has come to stay and they’re going to keep working on it to make it feel like YouTube or even better but for now YouTube is the winner!

Do you think IGTV has what it takes to overthrow YouTube as king of video app? Tell us in the comment section.

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