Infinix Hot 8 full review and specifications

Infinix Hot 8 full review and specifications

Infinix Smartphones are beginning to gain steady traction in the Nigerian smartphone space -Good or Bad-

Infinix Hot 8 full review and specifications

And now, Infinix Hot 8 has come around, bringing with one of two features that it’s banking on to make the sales. The question is, “are the features enough to sway customers?”

Well, we’d tell you outrightly that the Infinix Hot 8 is just a slight upgrade to the previous Hot 7 -so, quickly make with that what you will- and you’ll see why soon.

As far as specifications go, Infinix Hot 8 has a 720p display, Triple-camera setup on the back, and comes with a 3GB/32GB or 4GB/64GB memory configurations.

Infinix Hot 8 full review and specifications

As you can see, not much is different from Infinix’s previous Hot device (Infinix has stubbornly stuck with 720p displays). But the one area Infinix Hot 8 has improved is the battery: it’s got a 5000mAh battery pack.

Infinix Hot 8 is looking to appeal to consumers who have high phone usage times; the 5,000 mAh should last very long in between charges. And would definitely be a significant upgrade to the already solid battery capacity of the Infinix Hot 7.

Infinix Hot 8

Since the Infinix Hot series is basically in the budget smartphones territory, buying the Hot 8 wouldn’t be a bad idea, if what you’re looking for is the latest budget smartphone from the stables of Infinix.

Also, the Infinix Hot 8 would be a perfect upgrade. If you’re coming from older Infinix devices (like the Hot 6 and older); if you’re comfortable using Infinix smartphones, you could get the Infinix Hot 8.

However, if you aren’t enamoured with the Infinix Hot series, the Hot 8 would do very little to change that.

That is because Infinix improved very little with the device when compared with the last Hot smartphone: you’ve still got the same 720p display and an easily forgettable -if old- design.

Infinix Hot 8 is already up for purchase as of 12th September and would cost around N38,000.

Author: Adeboye Wareez

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