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Instagram considers removing number of “likes” on photos and videos

Instagram considers removing number of "likes" on photos and videos

Instagram considers removing the number of “likes” on photos and videos

Instagram removing likes photos

In an effort to make the platform a healthier place for its users. Facebook-owned Instagram is considering removing the number of “likes” on posts, pictures and videos. This move follows similar moves by Twitter Inc. to equally remove the number of “likes” and “Retweets” of posts and photos. This is because the company wants followers to focus on your photos and videos. Not focus only on how many “likes” the photos have.


In a blog post the company said: “Later this week, we’re running a test in Canada that removes the total number of likes on photos and video views. We are testing this because we want your followers to focus on the photos and videos you share. Not how many likes they get.”

Instagram removing likes photos

I quite agree because I am guilty of the above. A lot of times, I look at how many likes a post has before I even read the post and it doesn’t make sense. Photos and videos with more likes don’t necessarily mean it’s more interesting than those with fewer likes.


Also, social media companies have been bashed for contributing to smartphone addiction. As well as aiding the rapid spread of fake news. Teenagers are far more likely to click on photos that have more like on them. Also, get addicted to social media if they see their photos with lots of likes on them.


Twitter has already released a prototype app that makes the number of likes and retweets less visible to the users. This makes the app more conversational and makes users focus more on content than likes and retweets. The way it works is simple if a follower wants to see your likes and retweets, they have to click on the post itself.

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