Is that the long awaited Samsung foldable smartphone?

Is that the long awaited Samsung foldable smartphone?

This year 2019 is going to be absolutely crazy for tech. It’s also going to be exciting as well as new innovations are hitting the smartphone industry. Tech giants like LG, Huawei etc are dropping teasers to their foldable devices and Samsung is no exception. Samsung Vietnam just dropped a new video showing a lady walking around with a foldable phone at night. The video has left tech enthusiasts like us wondering if that is the Samsung foldable smartphone?

The video showed a woman unfolding what appears to be a Samsung Galaxy phone. This video has confirmed the rumors we’ve heard all along. A foldable smartphone will be unveiled by Samsung at its event on February 20th.  Shortly after the video was posted, it was quickly removed. However, it was too late as the video had already gone viral.

Samsung foldable smartphone

Now, the big question is this. Is this just a concept or are we really looking at the first Samsung foldable device? The company had first teased a foldable smartphone at a conference back in November 2018. The conference was it’s developer’s conference. The device is a pretty big device with a 7.3-inch folding internal display. It has a 1536 x 2152 resolution, flanked by a smaller 4.58-inch, 840 x 1960 display.

However, during the presentation, the foldable phone was wrapped up a case. The presenter said, “There’s a device inside here, and it’s stunning.” This has made us believe that there is a wide range of devices to expect from Samsung come Feb 20th. These devices will include the foldable phone, Samsung Galaxy S10, as well as the “Beyond X” model with a 6.7-inch display, six cameras, and support for 5G. Consequently, the foldable phone is expected to cost a whopping $1,700.

Maybe the video was just a concept. Nobody knows for sure as the company has neither confirmed nor denied anything. For now, we just have to keep our fingers crossed and wait a few more weeks to find out!

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