Miysis Studio has redesigned the Notre Dame cathedral with a stunning glass roof

Miysis Studio has redesigned the Notre Dame cathedral with a stunning glass roof

If Miysis Studio gets its way, the historic Notre Dame cathedral will be wearing a new futuristic look. That’s because the boss of Miysis studio has come forward with a proposal to design the roof of the cathedral with glass instead of wood. Last month a massive fire broke out in the historic Notre Dame cathedral. Properties worth millions of dollars were destroyed.

However, in a matter of days, they were able to raise almost a billion dollars for the redesign and rebuilding of the cathedral. Big thanks to a fundraising campaign led by the president of France. Millions of dollars poured in from all over the world. Now the designers have more than enough funds to work with.

Notre Dame cathedral

At first, we all thought that the rebuilding will restore the structure back to its old look. However, a company known as Miysis studio has stepped forward with its own unique proposal. This new proposal has a brand new design for the Notre Dame where the roof will be designed with steel and glass while the main structure will remain the same.


According to Miysis studio the brain behind this idea, this will provide the right balance between the future and history. Previously, the roof of the Notre Dame is made of heavy wood. That’s why they refer to the roof as “Forest”. However, there are not enough trees that size anymore to rebuild the roof the way it uses to be.

Notre Dame cathedral

The CEO of Miysis studio said the use of glass will enable the cathedral to retain it look while giving it a slightly futuristic touch. He said they’ll also mix tradition wood and new materials to find the right balance between history and future. Quite frankly I agree with him, this new glass roof with lights looks really stunning.   

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