Netflix now allows you to share what you’re watching on Instagram stories

Netflix now allows you to share what you're watching on Instagram stories

All you have to do is update your Netflix app for iOS and enjoy this feature.

Instagram stories

Netflix has announced that its customers can now share their favorite movies on Instagram Stories. However, this new feature is only available for iPhone users with the latest version of the Netflix app. To do this is very simple, just go to the Netflix app, choose share. Then select “Instagram Stories” from the list of compatible apps and share. From there you’ll see artwork from the movie which you can customize by adding text or art.

This new feature also allows you to send the content as a private message. According to a statement released by the company, it says “This new feature is the result of Netflix’s constant efforts to make its mobile application more attractive and useful for its users.”

One thing is sure, Netflix fans are going to love this feature. For now, it’s only available to iPhone users but I know it will soon be available for Android users. Netflix recently increased its subscription prices and everyone including us feared that it will scare some of its subscribers away. However, the company has shown that it is still a very innovative company and will keep improving its services for its users.

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