The new Tesla pickup set to rival the Ford F150 and Rivian electric trucks

The new Tesla pickup set to rival the Ford F150 and Rivian electric trucks

The new Tesla pickup set to rival the Ford F150 and Rivian electric trucks

Tesla recently made an unofficial podcast titled “Ride the lightning”. Where Elon Musk confirmed the specs and price of its highly anticipated upcoming electric truck. The controversial CEO confirmed that the new truck will rival the Ford F150 truck. It is the most popular truck in the United States. Not only that, but Elon Musk also talked about some of the challenges he faced at the company during its early days.

He said the design of the truck will be futuristic. It will not share the design with any of the current trucks on the road such as Ford, GM, Dodge, Toyota Tundra and others. Customers should expect all the high tech that the company is well known for in this upcoming electric truck. Elon Musk said because of its new futuristic design, the truck will look like something 20 years from now. I can authoritatively confirm that looking at the rendered designs, Elon is absolutely right about this one. Along with its futuristic design, the new Tesla truck will also feature an optional high battery range as well as an all-electric motor. It will also come with 300,000 pounds of towing capacity which is expected to appeal to hardcore pickup fans.

Tesla all-electric truck

Tesla electric truck

Furthermore, that will dwarf the towing capacity of the Ford F150 which is between the range of 100,000-150,000 pounds. Elon Musk has already drafted a very good strategy to penetrate the competitive pickup truck market. He said the price of the new pickup truck will be under $50,000 which is the price of the base model. This will open up the gates for pickup truck enthusiasts to try out something new.

However,the current Ford F150 King Ranch truck (395HP, 400ft-lb Torque) is pegged at a price of $52,000. Tesla’s new pickup will surpass it in terms of horsepower and torque and also be cheaper than it. I’m absolutely sure the company will be able to slice a large chunk of the pickup market with the release of its new Tesla pickup.

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