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Nokia smartphones under investigation for sending users’ data to China

Nokia smartphones under investigation for sending users' data to China


HMD Global, the Finland based company which makes and sell Nokia branded smartphones is now under investigation. Finland’s data protection watchdog is currently investigating the company. This is after proof emerged that the Nokia phones are sending data of it’s users to China. NRK, a Norwegian broadcaster said he has proof based on a tip-off that the smartphones are sending sensitive data about the users of the phones to China.

Henrik Austad, the man who gave the tip off said he was monitoring traffic from his Nokia 7 Plus. Then he discovered that it was sending huge data to a Chinese server. This revelation has left users shocked. Further investigations revealed that information being transmitted includes location, SIM number, phone serial number and so on. The receiving Chinese server was under the domain “” which is said to be managed by China Telecom.

However, further investigations showed that smartphones affected are just the Chinese version of the Nokia 7 Plus. Not the global version. In a statement, the company said the data collection was as a result of a coding mistake with an “activation package” being included accidentally in some phones’ firmware. It added that only a single batch of Nokia 7 Plus had this package and the issue was corrected by a firmware update released in January.

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