Porsche says it new electric car factory will also help reduce pollution

Porsche says it new electric car factory will also help reduce pollution

German luxury car maker Porsche which is owned by Volkswagen says its new factory will also be eco-friendly. Just as it’s new electric cars, the Porsche Taycan. The German automaker is going to launch its first ever electric car the Porsche Taycan later this year. Porsche says the new Taycan factory which is under construction in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen will use nitrogen oxide-absorbing facades on the building. This will help the factory reduce the plant’s pollution as the surface will be covered with aluminum coated in titanium dioxide.

According to research, a 126 square meter area is capable of reducing nitrogen oxide as well as 10 trees. The all-new Porsche Taycan will be a luxurious fully electric car and will compete with the Tesla Model 3. Like I said earlier, it will launch late 2019 and the price has not been disclosed yet.

However, Porsche wants the Taycan production should be as clean as possible. The company says it will be CO2-neutral and plans to reduce it’s “ecological footprint”. Recall that Germany and the European Union as a whole are cracking down heavily on the emission of harmful gases and the automobile industry is under pressure.

Audi’s former CEO went to prison as a result of using emission cheating software on some of its cars. That tells you how serious Germany is when it comes to emissions. This latest move by Porsche is one of its several moves to reduce pollution. You may also recall that last year the company announced its plan to stop production of diesel engine cars. This move will certainly help clean up the company’s public image in the wake of emissions scandals that has rocked its parent company Volkswagen. 

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