Samsung Galaxy s10e, s10 & s10 Plus full specifications and review

Samsung Galaxy s10e, s10 & s10 Plus full specifications and review

Galaxy s10e, s10 & s10 Plus………..

Every year, Samsung’s usual smartphone lineup starts with two Galaxy S-series phones. Its most popular devices, followed by a Galaxy Note phone in August. This year’s different. It’s the 10-year anniversary of Galaxy phones, and Samsung’s trying something new. The Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus are joined by a new member of the family — ” Galaxy S10e”. The Galaxy S10e is the cheapest phone of the three … and by cheap I mean slightly less expensive. In fact, it’s more expensive than last year’s Galaxy S9, but compared to the $900 and $1,000 prices of its big brothers, $750 is a little easier to cough out.

The plan is similar to what Apple did in 2018, unveiling a lower-cost iPhone XR alongside the iPhone XS Max…… DIFFERENCE between the Models: At first look, it’s pretty clear where the new S10 models differ: They’re all different sizes. The S10+ is the biggest of the park at 6.2 x 2.91 x 0.3 inches, while the S10e is a relatively compact 5.6 x 2.75 x 0.3 inches. The S10 fits right between them at 5.9 x 2.77 x 0.3 inches.

The sizes of the models vary to house the different sized screens. But those differences go beyond size — the S10e only offers Full HD+ resolution compared to the wide quad HD+ resolutions on the S10 and S10+ displays. Additionally, the S10e’s panel is flat instead of curved like the other two models. The S10e gives one other feature that you’ll find on the Galaxy S10 and S10+ — a third rear camera.

A 12-megapixel telephoto lens joins the 12-MP main shooter and 16-MP ultrawide lens on the S10 and S10+. The S10e skips the telephoto lens for dual camera setup. There’s one camera difference between the S10 and S10+. The larger of Samsung’s new phones add a second front camera, with an 8-MP depth-sensing lens joining the 10-MP dual-pixel selfie cam found on the other models.

Finally, all three S10 models offer different battery sizes. The S10e’s power pack is the smallest at 3,100 mAh. Though that’s larger than the battery found on last year’s Galaxy S9. The S10 and S10+ offer 3,400 mAh and 4,100 mAh batteries. It’s great to see the same 8nm Exynos 9820 or Snapdragon 855 (region dependent) in the S10e – the same processor as the S10 and S10 Plus.

Samsung’s choice to keep the high-end processor means the S10e could prove to be a faster phone for some things than the more expensive models as it’s driving a smaller display. You can pick from a 6GB RAM/128GB storage or 8GB RAM/256GB storage options, both expandable up to 512GB. Even the cheapest S10e is no mid-range phone, and it only looks less premium and high-spec because of the beefed-up S10 and S10 Plus.

Don’t be fooled, the S10e is still a very good, very powerful smartphone. The build quality is also basically the same as the other S10 phones. A stainless steel rim with glass on the front and back keeps the S10e on a design level. It certainly does not feel cheap (it’s also not cheap, it’s just cheaper).

DOWNSIDE/Improvement Poor Finger Print Scanner: The fingerprint might not work through grease, but no……… For a great smartphone will such a huge price………you have to keep trying or better still clean or dry your fingertip…… SAME OLD Story: By leaving in the right things – same basic design, same processor, OLED display, dual cameras – this is a product that prides itself as a premium smartphone that sits below two more expensive ones in the S10 and S10 Plus. Verdict: Great smartphone by Samsung (Region dependent) but we in Africa, the price might be a little worrying….

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