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Scientists in China are cloning the best police dog in the country.

Scientists in China are cloning the best police dog in the country.

Some things are not replaceable, or so we think. Well in China, they’ve shown the world that almost anything or anyone is replaceable. This they have proved by successfully cloning the best police dog in the country’s history known as the “Sherlock Holmes of dogs”. This dog is a great sniffer dog which is also extremely good at hunting for evidence. Its death would have been a huge blow to the Chinese police. Its name is Kunxun and its a cloned police dog.

cloned police dog

The scientists from southwest China’s Yunnan Province have launched a successful program aimed at cloning this dog. Now they’re planning to mass produce it for use nationwide. The Beijing based company known as Sinogene Biotechnology teamed up with Yunnan Agricultural University and successfully cloned this special dog and they named it Kunxun. The new clone Kunxun is already 3 months old. This work is already backed by the Chinese government. It will help in reducing the amount and time it will cost to train new dogs. It will also ensure that the best dogs are available for the job.

Kunxun, a cloned police dog

At only 3 months old, Kunxun is already undergoing the usual training such as crowd control, sniffing out drugs and so on. By the time it becomes 10 months old, it will graduate into a fully qualified police dog. Normally, it takes 5 solid years to train a matured police dog. Even at that, there’s still no guarantee the dog will accept the job it is trained to do.

By cloning a very good police dog, the risk of heavy investment in feeding, training new dogs is significantly reduced. Also, we should not forget that just because a dog is cloned means the newly cloned dog will be as successful as its predecessor. The clone will have to be subjected to exactly the same circumstances and conditions as its predecessor. This will enable it to be able to be as skilled and successful as a police dog.

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