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SONY launches S.Ride, it’s own ride hailing app in Tokyo

SONY launches S.Ride, it's own ride hailing app in Tokyo

SONY launches S.Ride, it’s own ride-hailing app in Tokyo

Japanese Tech giant Sony has launched its Uber-killer ride-hailing service back home in Tokyo. The new app called S.Ride officially becomes available from today and allows users to flag down cars just like Uber. This is a major move for the company as it’s trying to break into the Japanese transportation sector.


A lot of users might be thinking the “S” in S.Ride stands for SONY. This is mainly because the app is owned by the company. Wrong, according to a press release, the “S” means simple, smart and speedy. The company says the app is very intelligent and uses AI technology to predict where demand for taxis will be high and dispatch driver according.



Payment can be done either by cash, credit card or QR-Code powered digital wallet which makes it quite flexible and easy to use. However, it might interest you to know that S-Ride isn’t the first app of its kind to be launched in Tokyo, “Line” which is the dominant chat app in Tokyo launched its own ride-hailing app in 2015 in collaboration with a leading taxi company Nihon Kotsu.

Another bigger competitor will be JapanTaxi, an app Ichiro Kawanabe, the CEO of Japan taxi’s federation. Uber is a very small player in the Japanese transport sector.  It only offers premium black expensive cars in Tokyo although, it’s planning to partner with smaller taxi companies.

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