Tesla is now taking pre-orders for its China made Model 3

Tesla is now taking pre-orders for its China made Model 3

Tesla is now taking pre-orders for its China-made Model 3

Electric car giant Tela has opened preorders for it’s Model 3 cars that are produced in its new Gigafactory in Shangai, China. It is widely reported that cars which are exclusive to China will have a price tag of $47,510. Which is 13% cheaper than the ones imported from the US. All imported Tesla Model 3 cars in China cost 377,000 Yuan ($54,616).

All model 3 cars made in China have a range of 286 miles or 460Km. Although the company has started taking pre-orders, the owners of the cars will not have them until sometime next year.


This is because the company is set to Tesla will start making deliveries of the pre-ordered cars in 6 to 10 months time. Tesla responded to the growing tension between China and Trump administration by building a new Gigafactory plant in Shanghai back in March. The plant will build only the new Tesla Model 3 electric cars thereby avoiding import duties and make it cheaper.

Elon Musk says shipping its cars globally from one single plant in Nevada is the most difficult logistics problem he has ever seen. This probably means that cars from the Shangai factory may be exported to other neighbouring countries as well when production kicks off fully.

Chinese made Model 3

China made Tesla Model 3

Apart from China, Tesla is also accepting pre-orders for the Model 3 in more countries. Such as Macau, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Australia, Japan and Ireland. The company is fighting hard to ramp up deliveries. This is after the company made a huge loss of $702 million in a single quarter.


Early this month, Elon Musk says Tesla will run out of funds in 10 months time. Unless he doesn’t make some hardcore changes. As the short range, Tesla Model 3 will be made in China. The longer range versions will continue to be imported from the United States.

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