Tesla will give a free model 3 and cash to anyone who can hack into the car

Tesla will give a free model 3 and cash to anyone who can hack into the car

In a bid to improve safety and ensure Tesla is the safest car, the company has entered a hacking competition. This means that the electric car giant will be the first car maker to open itself up. Tesla will be open to hackers and researchers to test their skills. The competition called  Pwn2Own 2019 will be taking place in Vancouver Canada in March. Tesla Model 3 is currently the safest electric car in the world and the company is bringing the car to the event.

However, anyone skilled enough to hack into the Tesla model 3 will be rewarded. Not only will be person receive a cash reward, he will also get a free Model 3 car (currently priced at $44,000). Pwn2Own is a popular computer hacking contest held at the CanSec West security conference. The interesting thing about this contest is that winners of this contest always receive the tech device they successfully hacked. This hacking contest began in 2007. The vulnerability of software or device is checked, popular devices and software that are widely used in the world are hacked during this competition.

Tesla Model 3

model 3

Interestingly, Tesla is not the only company participating in this competition. Other tech giants such as Oracle, Microsoft etc will also be present. Vice president of vehicle software, David Lau has stated that the presence of Tesla at the competition will help improve on it further. At techcapon, we think it will be very interesting to see who hacks successfully into the car. Recall Elon Musk once bragged that it will be very difficult to hack into the model 3.

It is very nice to see major tech companies participating in this competition in order to find better ways to secure their products. Dragos Ruiu, CanSec West event organizer said it is inspiring to see major companies like Microsoft and Tesla participating. “The target list for the contest is certainly impressive. I’m excited to see what kinds of creative solutions researchers will demonstrate during the competition,” Ruiu said.

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