The all new 2019 Toyota Avalon inspires love at first sight

Toyota Avalon to me is the big brother to the Toyota Camry and also more luxurious than the Camry. The appearance is very aggressive but deeply impressive and sporty both front and back. Toyota’s all-new fifth-generation Avalon sedan makes for an excellent and ultra-relaxing holiday companion for family with kids and enough room for cargo.

The Toyota Avalon 2019 has everything to rival other cars of it’s own class such as the Buick LaCrosseChevrolet ImpalaKia Cadenza and Nissan Maxima, the Avalon’s interior comes off as capacious, rich, classy and fun.

Toyota Avalon is A Well-balanced fun-ride

Much of the credit for the Avalon’s pleasant demeanor goes to the 3.5-liter V6 and well tuned eight-speed automatic transmission. This naturally aspirated engine puts out 301 horsepower (an increase of 33 over last year) and 267 pound-feet of torque.

Luxury Interior with improved tech

In terms of premium interior quality the Avalon has all it takes to rival the premium interior of the KIA OPTIMA, and the more expensive LEXUS ES. A massive, 10-inch head-up display is useful and adds to the upscale feel. In fact, the Limited’s interior is so premium as to wonder why anyone would ever choose to go with its costlier Lexus ES.

The most surprising fact is while Toyota now offers Apple CarPlay, Android Auto is still nowhere to be found.

The V6-powered Avalon will return as much as 32 mpg highway. Toyota also offers the Avalon as a hybrid, with the ability to achieve up to 44 mpg. Fuel economy has improved, too. Depending on trim, 2019 Avalon models check in with solid EPA estimates of 22 miles per gallon in the city. Then 31 or 32 mpg on the highway (combined cycle scores are between 25 and 26 mpg).

The Avalon Hybrid model has returned with very impressive ratings of 43 mpg city, and between 43 and 44 mpg highway. 2019 Avalon starts at a perfectly reasonable $35,550 plus $920 for delivery of the base XLE trim. Top-flight Limited models like my tester command $41,800 (add $1,000 for Hybrid powertrain). The latter is essentially an all-boxes-checked proposition. The only factory-installed option is the aforementioned Advanced Safety Package, which brings pricing to $43,870 before freight.

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