The new Apple iPad Pro (2018) is a laptop killer. See full review and photos

Apple iPad Pro 2018

The all new iPad Pro 2018 is almost the same as the iPad Pro of last year in terms of design. However it might interest you to know that Apple sells more iPads yearly than any other company’s laptop brand in the world. This means people prefer using iPad to using laptops for their work. Apple CEO Tim Cook explained that Apple sees the iPad as a personal computer.

Apple iPad Pro 2018

After using a new iPad Pro 12.9 for a few days, I can say that it’s most definitely a great experience. Super smooth, super fast and super powerful. It can easily replace my normal laptop, I don’t know about you. While unveiling it, Apple CEO Tim Cook said, adding that all that power is “going you can push what you can do on iPad, or on any computer, even further.” In this post TechCapon will give you a full audit and review of this amazing device.

Apple iPad Pro 2018 display and design

Apple iPad Pro 2018

It’s almost impossible to look at the iPad Pro and not fall in love with the design. I know Apple has lied and exaggerated about it by saying the iPad Pro now has an “all screen design” that “goes from edge to edge.” I’m going to  be honest with you, there’s nothing edge-to-edge about these bezels . At 12.9-inch display size it is, however, an extremely nice 264ppi LCD screen, and I continue to be a fan of Apple’s fancy way of rounding off the corners of LCDs. Making the edget curved in a lovely way. However, there are two sizes of the new iPad Pro, the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro. The new Pro can support up to 5K displays, and run a display simultaneously with other USB-C devices.

Apple iPad Pro 2018 storage and camera

Apple iPad Pro 2018

The slim bezels of the Apple iPad Pro means there’s no room home button or TouchID sensor. It was replace by the FaceID which is very fast and secure. Another thing you won’t find here is a headphone jack and you cannot watch YouTube in 4K on the iPad Pro. Another thing is the fact that this expensive device cannot work with an external storage. So don’t bother trying to plug in your flash-drive, it won’t work. The front camera on the new iPad Pro has the same TrueDepth camera and FaceID system as the iPhone XS, with a 7-megapixel camera, infrared projector, and IR camera. However, at the back is a f/1.8 lens and a 12-megapixel sensor. The Pro comes with 64GB of memory by default, but you can bump it up as high as 1TB.

Apple iPad Pro 2018 software, processor

Apple iPad Pro 2018

The new iPad Pro is powered by an A12X Bionic chip, which is nothing but a turbocharged version of the processor that’s packed into every iPhone XS and XR. It has eight cores which adds more fuel to it and make it extremely fast and powerful. Of course you don’t anyone to tell you it runs on Apple latest iOS 12.

Apple iPad Pro 2018 accessories and price

Apple redesigned its two key accessories for the new iPad Pro. The new Apple Pencil which costs($129) and Smart Keyboard Folio which goes for ($179) each got noticeable upgrades this year. The iPad Pencil is still the most responsive, accurate digital writing tool I’ve ever used. It also comes with magnetic charging to keep it charged at all times. The 11-inch iPad Pro costs a whopping ($799) while the 12.9-inch iPad pro costs ($999). This prices comes without the accessories of course. This is no doubt the most powerful iPad ever and the best.

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