This amazing 49 seconds video show how the Tesla model 3 is made.

image credit: Teslarati

Tesla Model 3

Tesla ran into a lot of issues as it tried to ramp up its model 3 production. CEO Elon Musk famously described it as a “production hell”. He also stated that the company was “near death” during this period. Somehow the company survived and was also able to overcome all its challenges as it ramped up its Model 3 production. In a recently released video, it shows the stages and processes involved in the production of the popular electric sedan.

In the video, the car started life as an ordinary metal frame and a few plastic items. As it rolls down the assembly plant one after the other. The first step is to connect the wiring that runs equipment like the power windows as well as sound-deadening material on the firewall. Next is the single unit that contains the dashboard.  The giant touchscreen, and the stalks on both sides of the steering wheel.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Then the screen comes in, followed by the carpet. The car rolls further into another segment of the plant. This is where the doors and windows are fixed. The whole process of building a Tesla Model 3 takes only 90 minutes and 40 steps. The production line stretches up to 1,000 feet long. It will interest you that Tesla built a tent right next to it’s Fremont factory just to increase the model 3 production. The Fremont factory is where the Model S and Model X are produced.

However, all Tesla cars get their batteries from the Gigafactory which is currently the largest battery producer on earth. Tesla has already acquired a huge piece of land in Shangai China. The facility will house the upcoming Gigafactory 3. However, 2019 promises to be a very busy year for the company. Elon Musk is looking at ramping up production. Nothing less than 250,000 cars every year will be produced when Gigafactory 3 is completed.

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