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This N65,000 Babocush will stop your baby from crying

This N65,000 Babocush will stop your baby from crying

The name Babocush is derived from “baby cushion”. This vibrating cushion called Babocush is designed to rock babies and stop them from crying. The babocush comes with shaped foam mattress, outer fleece cover with a harness. Also with quilted mattress protector and 3 x speed vibration with heartbeat sounds (rocker and batteries must be purchased separately). However, for mothers out there, the Babocush is definitely all you need to keep your baby happy at all times.

It is designed in Dubai, the product will hold your baby in a very natural position, allowing the airways to relax and stay open. According to Dr. Zerah Gajic

Babocush is an incredibly clever and fantastic product.  All parents should consider having as part of their new born product lineup. Curled up inside a mother’s womb for most of their life, babies are used to the comfort of a snuggly warm uterus. The gentle rock of Mom’s movement, the vibrating pulse of the abdominal aorta, and the hypnotizing beat of her heart. Once earth side, these comforts drastically change and prove to be a difficult transition for many babies.

However, manifestations of this major change may include excess gas, colic, fussiness, and sleep disturbance. This product is so smart as it is designed to closely mimic all of the above with it’s curved shape, gentle vibration and heartbeat, and rock/sway of which ever base you choose. I highly recommend this product as it not only comforts baby in a safe and ergonomic position, but also allows rare self-care time that most new parents find impossible to accomplish.

The Babocush cost N65,000 or 139 pounds and can be bought directly from the Babocush website. The adult version is also available and was unveiled at CES 2019.

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