Top 5 security tips from the mouth of a police officer

Top 5 security tips from the mouth of a police officer

Top 5 security tips from the mouth of a police officer

Security is simply defined as the science and art of protecting lives and properties. Recently I was talking to a police officer and I jokingly told him that the police seems to have lost public trust and the people no longer have any confidence in the police. He just laughed and said the people have equally failed in playing their role in helping the police do their jobs more effectively. The policeman equally said most people always blame the police when they are equally to be blamed for insecurities then he went ahead to explain the real meaning of the phrase “police is your friend”.

He said a lot of people want police to be their friend but they themselves are not friendly to the police. In order for people to enjoy the “police is your friend” slogan he gave some security tips to me and these are some of the tips below.



  • Be friendly to the police:


That doesn’t mean you should smile at every policeman or woman you come across. Being friendly to the police is simple. For instance, you just moved into a new neighbourhood. Nothing stops you from asking of the nearest police station that operates within that neighbourhood, you can just find a convenient time and go to the police station and introduce yourself to the D.P.O in charge and tell him you just moved in recently and would like to say hello to him. In a friendly way, you could exchange phone number with him and on your way out just drop a small brown envelope on his table. 

Even if it’s just N5000 or N10,000 that’s inside, that friendly gesture will never be forgotten by that officer and whenever you’re in distress and you reach out to him, he will do everything in his power to rescue you. People always say they called police during a robbery and the policemen refused to come, but do you know there are some persons who would equally call that same police division and before you know they’ve arrived in convoys? Why do you think an army captain would risk everything to save Wadume? People need to understand this concept.


2. Always have airtime on your phone

Even though banks have made it super easy to recharge directly from your bank accounts you’ll be amazed to find out how many adults move around without single dime in their phones. If there’s is a robbery attack or emergency in the middle of the night how do you call the police or anyone? It is important that you always have airtime on your smartphone and even if you don’t have money, borrow. Almost all networks have made it possible for their users to borrow credit and payback later.


3. Identify with the local vigilante in your area.

A vigilante leader is 10 times more likely to respond to your distress call than a Nigerian policeman. This concept is very similar to the one I mentioned earlier with the police. In fact, this one seems to be more effective than the former. If you live in an area where there is an active vigilante, don’t underrate them. Most people underrate vigilante men but what they fail to realize is that the vigilante men are indigenes and locals from the area and it’s easier for them to track down a criminal in the neighbourhood than a policeman who may be from another state. Go to the vigilante leader, strike a friendly conversation, drop a small brown envelope, exchange contacts with him and be friendly.


4. Install security surveillance cameras within your property

This is the era of technology so I wonder how anyone can ignore the importance of technology in fighting crime. Installing a CCTV camera in your compound is enough to deter a petty criminal from entering your compound. However, the CCTV cannot prevent crime from happening, it can only help in the investigation and also help in preventing the future crime of the same nature. To boost the surveillance system in the property, you can equally install other devices such as alarm systems, electric fencing, etc. All these technologies put together will help improve the security of the property. 


5. Reinforce your doors and windows


I’ve always told myself that whenever armed robbers come to my house, I’ll not make it easy for them to gain access. Let them sweat it out before they can gain access into my house. Reinforce your house doors and windows with burglar proof so they won’t find it easy. By so doing, you’re buying time for yourself and your family while awaiting the arrival of the police or local vigilante. 

When you have done these things you can relax and know that you have played your role as a human being and to your capacity. No security measure is 100% foolproof anywhere in the world so even if the hoodlums succeed in entering your house at the end of the day just surrender everything to them. Surrender you car keys, smartphones, laptops, money, jewellery, etc because your life is more valuable than any material possession you can think of. 


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