Toyota engineers designs “CUE”, a robot basketball player that plays better than Lebron James

Toyota robot cue

CUE: The robot basketball player

While most people use their idle time to fool around, some engineers at Toyota use their free time to explore their creativity. Consequently, they has designed a basket ball playing robot called CUE. This robot is designed in a way that has an accuracy. It’s accuracy is much more than the legendary Michael Jordan and Lebron James put together.

Toyota robot cue

They used their break time to design a robot which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to sink shot after shot. After 200,000 practice throws, the robot shoots with almost perfect accuracy.

Cue is shorter than the average NBA player and is just 6 feet 3 inches tall, but that has not stopped the basketbot from beating Japanese pro players in a head-to-head competition, according to Japanese news organization Asahi Shimbun. The video above shows the robots making a perfect throw right into the basket every time it handles the ball.  The pro basketball players were just looking surprised.


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