Powerbike maker Triumph set to develop an electric motorcycle

Powerbike maker Triumph set to develop an electric motorcycle

Powerbike maker Triumph set to develop an electric motorcycle.


Popular British power bike company Triumph is set to join major motorcycle companies like Harley Davidson in developing an all-electric motorcycle. As major automakers worldwide are joining Tesla in developing electric versions of their cars. Now bike makers are also joining the same bandwagon.


Triumph has teamed up with a company known as Williams engineering for this mission. Williams Engineering will be helping Triumph on this project. This project involves developing a unique powertrain for an electric motorbike in the next two years.

If you’re wondering what Williams engineering is all about, well you need to watch Formula One races in order to be familiar with the high-tech engineering company. Williams engineering will be in charge of developing batteries that will be used for this electric bike. Another company that will also be working on this project is known as Integral powertrain. They are the ones in charge of developing the electric motor that will power the bike.


Another major player in this project is the University of Warwick. They’re going to be in charge of advanced research. While designing and developing the electric bike will be handled by Triumph.


Just because this project was initiated by Triumph. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the company plans to go fully electric. While the electric bike is in the woodworks, the company is still focused on its goal of building highly sophisticated and advanced bikes. Recently, Triumph launched a powerful 2.5 litre, a three-cylinder engine called Rocket 3 TFC.


The fact that the company has dived headlong into this electric bike project shows that they are not ready to be left behind. This shows that they are ready for the future and willing to embrace it.

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