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Trusted news: A Chrome extension made for detecting fake news online

Fake news detector

Everyone at one time or the other has somehow read fake news on the internet. Fake news is so rampant these days on social media and many websites that it’s difficult to know which news is true or fake. Most times, the news just go viral so fast and before everyone realizes it, the damage has already been done. This is why most tech companies are begging to fight fake news and take aggressive stance towards it. These days even the most trained and experienced people fall for these fake news and that’s why developers are coming up with new software and plugins to help detect fake news before it goes viral.

Fake news detector

One of such companies who aim to fight fake news is called Eyeo, they are the brain behind AdBlock Plus and they’ve come up with this fantastic Google chrome extension called TrustedNews. In this post, TechCapon will do an extensive review of this chrome extension called TrustedNews and explain how it works because we’ve already installed the extension in our Chrome browser.

How to install TrustedNews extension into your Chrome browser

Before I go on to explain how to install trusted news extension I’ll like to clarify one thing. This extension, unfortunately is only available for Google Chrome, not sure if there are other alternative out there but if you’re using Firefox or Safari or even UC Browser, you’ll have to wait for a compatible version for your browser. Better still you should install Google Chrome into your device.

Now you have to begin by going to After that, then you click Get TrustedNews for Chrome. This will take you to the Chrome Web Store. There you will need to click Add to Chrome. Very simple. It’s a very lightweight extension and works flawlessly. The best thing about this extension for me is that no registration or set-up is required.

It will immediately appear at the top right corner of your chrome browser. It’s also called “Fake News Detector”. When you visit a news site, the extension icon in the Chrome Menu will tell you if the source is trustworthy or not. It measures the “measure the truthfulness of news content.”

It also gives you the option of rating a news by clicking the plugin. This option give you the option to rate a news and send the report back to them.

These are some of the ratings that TrustedNews extension can provide it’s users.

  • Unknown: Insufficient data prevents TrustedNews from evaluating the website.
  • Untrustworthy: A site knowingly publishes false or misleading information.
  • Satire: A website that published satirical content and is not intended to be used for factual news.
  • Biased: A site that published politically biased information and “promotes unproven or skewed views.”
  • Malicious: A website that attacks your computer with malware, phishing, viruses, spyware or other threats to your privacy or computer.
  • Clickbait: A website that knowingly uses misleading titles to draw in readers to inflate traffic and, subsequently, revenue.
  • User-Generated Content: A page or site that contains content generated by third-party contributors. This can be a social media site like Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, or it could also be something like a Tumblr blog.

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