Unroll Me 2 game review by TechCapon

Unroll Me 2 game review by TechCapon

Unroll Me 2 game review

Unroll Me 2

Unroll Me 2 is a very popular game developed by a company known as Turbo Chilli. The game was first released just a few days ago on May 14, 2019. In less than one week, Unroll Me 2 has been downloaded more than 500,000 times on Google Play store making it one of the fastest and most downloaded game in the world.

However, it’s predecessor, Unroll Me was the number one ranked game in over 50 countries and played by millions of people all over the world. For a game this successful, why will it not have a sequence? Furthermore, I’m pretty sure with the level of success enjoyed by the Unroll Me 2, we will definitely be seeing Unroll Me 3 in the nearest future. Now, the game is back even better than ever with rich 3D graphics, new themes and over 800 levels.


Features of the Unroll Me 2 game

The new Unroll Me 2 features new modes which includes, Spring, Ice, Teleport, Multipath and much more.

It also features multiple new themes such as a classic wood puzzle, pyramids, cars etc each with their own unique challenge.

Super rich 3D environments to enjoy

Over 800 handcrafted puzzles waiting to be solved.

Specifications of the Unroll Me 2 game


Download size: 37.23 MB


Version 1.0


Developer: Turbo Chilli


Release date: May 14, 2019

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