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How Nigerians are wasting money on 4K UHD TVs.

Most Nigerians are reserve of purchasing electronic contraptions without doing little research or if nothing else look for the guidance of a specialist particularly the 4K TV.

They rather depend on the guidance of sales people/business people who are only there for one reason, make benefit ! It really is great to grasp new and better innovation, yet there’s a contrast between grasping new innovation and simply squandering cash. In this post I will clarify precisely why Nigerians are squandering cash on one of such advancements.


First of all, what is 4K UHD TV?

4K is only a resolution (2160 X 3840). The most astounding video show goals at the present time! To appreciate the intensity of genuine 4K UHD innovation, you should have a high video goals of 2160 X 3840 pixels to coordinate with the 4K UHD TV. This showcase is significantly superior to the standard HD and full HD shows and creates super-rich quality, life-like presentations.

Sorry to say this however a ton of Nigerians don’t see how this functions. Many individuals who purchase 4k UHD TVs have never viewed 4k recordings. THE MAJOR PROBLEM IS, there are few 4K substance accessible. A 5 minute 4k video is around 2GB in size the amount progressively a full film of very nearly 2 hours. A considerable measure of TV shows, motion pictures and TV systems are not by any means accessible in 4K goals ! Not in any case MTV, CNN, BEIN SPORTS, SUPER SPORTS, FOX NEWS, AFRICAN MAGIC and so on presentations 4K UHD recordings.


They just presentation in HD. So what’s the purpose of sprinkling colossal measure of money on 4K UHD TV just to go home and watch the consistent recordings or digital TV channels. You’re not quite the same as the person who purchased a significantly less expensive FULL HD TV since its equivalent video goals and you can scarcely see the distinction. Television slots far and wide are not prepared to grasp the 4K UHD innovation yet!

Except if you prepared to stream 4K recordings specifically from NETFLIX or AMAZON PRIME at mind blowing information rates, you can scarcely appreciate the 4K encounter. Regardless of whether you have the money to consume, which web access supplier in Nigeria can give you enough bandwidth to stream motion pictures relentless on Netflix at 2160 X 3840 pixels ordinary ? This is a mystery no TV businessperson will ever let you know. Purchasing such TV in Nigeria resembles purchasing a ferrari and driving it in a road loaded with potholes. You can scarcely appreciate it !

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