Xiaomi finally explains how it’s under display camera works

Xiaomi finally explains how it's under display camera works

Xiaomi finally explains how it’s under display camera works

The battle for who comes up with the first true notch-less device is heating up pretty fast. The Chinese companies such as Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi are at the forefront of this battle. Oppo has already demo-ed a device with transparent display cameras that hides the sensors right under the screen. This effectively eliminates the need for a notch. Well, looks like Oppo is not the only one in the game as Xiaomi’s vice president Wang Xiang tweeted a series of slides that explains how they plan to incorporate this technology in future devices.

Xiaomi’s technology is going to be a little different. The camera will be embedded right in the top of the display as usual. But instead of the camera to have a border/notch around it or punch hole display. The camera will be covered with a special low remittance glass which has high transmittance.

Xiaomi finally explains how it’s under display camera works

Xiaomi explains under display camera

The company says the setup allows the area of the display to become transparent enough to take clear pictures. The transparent display then doubles as the camera lens on top thereby making the camera invisible to the human eye. Xiaomi also says that they are not going to make the camera as small as possible thereby creating room for a larger sensor and better image quality than the current teardrop notches we see around today.

But of course, the technology is not perfect yet due to the fact that it’s still in its infancy. Looking closely, you will still be able to see a faint outline of camera lens beneath the display but that doesn’t mean that part of the screen is completely blacked out.

However, when you compare this technology with other notch-less solutions like pop-up camera display, I’ll say this is way better. This is because there are no movable mechanical parts to worry about here. We know Xiaomi is a company that likes pushing technology to its limits so hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long to see this new solution in action.  


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