Xiaomi unveils the XR Suit, XS Suit and XS Max Suit to spite Apple.

This is the best Apple trolling I’ve ever observed. In my last blog entry I expounded on 5 things I truly don’t care for about the Latest iPhone arrangement.  One noteworthy point I made was about the OUTRAGEOUS PRICES. Seems as though I’m not the only one as some tech organizations have ripped into Apple after their most recent discharge.

Presently after Huawei taunted Apple on Twitter another Chinese organization Xiaomi has made an immediate hit at Apple.  By  discharging three new item packages in China called the XR Suit, XS Suit and the XS Max Suit. These three item bundles includes a Xiaomi top cell phone, a workstation, a wellness band, and Bluetooth headset.

The cost of each bundle has been set precisely the cost of the iPhone models they are named after. By doing this, Xiaomi is asking “why pay for one phone when you can appreciate three items at a similar cost?”

The Xiaomi XR SUIT

Xiaomi XR Suit

Xiaomi XR Suit. This includes the Xiaomi Mi 8 SE cell phone, a 12.5-inch Mi Notebook Air, the Mi Band 3, and the Mi Bluetooth Mini Headset. This package is valued at CNY 6,499 ($749), or, in other words cost of the iPhone XR in China.


Xiaomi XR Suit

This Xiaomi package incorporates the top of the line Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S (8GB/256GB) cell phone, a 13.3-inch Mi Notebook Air, a Mi Band 3, and a Mi Bluetooth Mini Headset. It is estimated at CNY 8,699 ($1266 roughly), or, in other words of the base model of the iPhone XS in the China.


Xiaomi XR Suit

At that point at long last XS MAX Suit has the top of the line Mi 8 cell phone (with 6GB/128GB) in it. The Mi Notebook Pro workstation, the Mi Band 3, and a Mi Bluetooth necklace. This package is evaluated at CNY 9,599 ($1397). Proportionate to the cost of the 64 GB variation of the new 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max.

This reaction by Xiaomi is their very own strong method for saying.  “Hello individuals, you can really appreciate three top of the line devices at the cost of the new iPhones. Try not to squander your mixture !”. Its incongruity is that, the mouth watering groups are just accessible in China.



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