4 major reasons why Apple must slash the prices of the iPhone now.

Apple may become the next Nokia of the smartphone industry

It’s no longer news that the value of Apple has dropped dramatically.  It used to be the most valuable company on earth, now it is number 4. That’s not all, the number of sales of the iPhone has also dropped dramatically in China which is the company’s second largest market. CEO of Apple Tim Cook blamed the sharp decline in sales to the trade tensions between China and the US. He admitted that there is weak demand for the iPhones, especially in China. Although the trade tensions may be part of the problem, there are bigger problems the company is facing. The fact is Apple phones are no longer the shining diamonds of smartphones it used to be a few years ago. The sooner the company realizes that the better.

I’m very sure that Steve Jobs will not be so happy with the way things are going for his company right now. Don’t get me wrong, Apple is still a very rich company but it’s going down. In this post, techcapon will be outlining the problems of the company and why the company should take my advise and start slashing the prices of their phones if they want to compete.

The rise of the Chinese smartphone industry

When Apple started selling its products in China in 2009, it was the best phone in China at the time. Apple held that position for a number of years until the Chinese smartphone company became matured. Today, Apple is no longer the number one smartphone brand in China but number 5. Far behind the likes of Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi. The Chinese smartphone companies are giving the people great designs as well as great features for half the price of the iPhone. Who wants to waste $1,000 on a phone that offers nothing special? It’s time for Apple to slash it’s smartphone prices.

The arrival of 5G technology.

5G technology is here and a lot of Android smartphone makers such as Samsung, LG, Huawei, Oppo, Sony etc are getting set to launch their 5G smartphones. In the first quarter of 2019 smartphones with 5G will be released into the market. Apple is not ready, rather they said their first 5G smartphone will be coming in 2020. That’s one year late! If you are not ready to give buyers the latest technology, why are you demanding such an exorbitant price? It’s completely unreasonable. I’m sure that no one in their right mind will be happy to buy a phone with old 4G technology when 5G is just a few weeks away. It’s time for Apple to slash the price of the iPhone.

The ongoing war with Qualcomm

The patent war between Qualcomm and Apple has affected Apple greatly. It has lead to the ban of many iPhone brands in China and Germany. Also, Qualcomm is also fighting to ban the sale of iPhone in the United States, it’s home country. This factor made Apple push out iOS updates prematurely to most of their smartphones in other to evade the China ban. The premature update rather caused a ridiculous security flaw in the iPhone. This flaw also caused buyers to avoid the smartphone like a plague. It’s time for Apple to slash the price of the iPhone.

No one really cares about the brand of a smartphone anymore

This one is very funny but true. Who would have thought that a name like Huawei will overtake the iPhone in the smartphone industry? Even Samsung is already panicking because Huawei is getting set to claim the number one spot this year 2019. It shows that people no longer care about the name of a phone anymore. They care about the designs and the features. Give the people a sleek, sexy design and a powerful, high performing smartphone, they will buy your product. Huawei is already taking over London and Europe. It’s time for Apple to slash the price of the iPhone.

My advice

If Apple (AAPL) wants to compete in the smartphone market, they must swallow their pride and slash prices. Chinese companies, as well as other phone makers, are giving the fans everything we want in a smartphone for cheap prices. Goldman Sachs already says that Apple might become the next Nokia of the smartphone industry. I quite agree. If Apple does not retrace it’s steps and slash prices to half its current value, they may become the next Nokia of the smartphone industry. We all know the story of Nokia, the former giant of the industry until pride and greed consumed them.

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