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Checkout my new book, “SURVIVING PASTOR JOSH”

Checkout my new book, "SURVIVING PASTOR JOSH"

I’ve been working on this book for a while and now I’m finally done. I put final touches to it a few days ago and published it on Amazon Kindle and decided to bring it here so my readers can know about it. The title of my new book is “SURVIVING PASTOR JOSH” and it’s based on a true story.

Surviving Pastor Josh: Based on a true story


When young Bisi first stepped into the church, everything looked almost perfect, a small but very excited congregation, a confident handsome pastor who seemed happily married with a baby. As she became actively involved in the church activities and got closer to Pastor Josh and his wife, everything started to unravel and she quickly realized that everything is not as it seems. When Pastor Josh stormed her home on a cold morning and raped her violently, she vowed to get her revenge no matter how long it’s going to take.

Many years later, Pastor Josh now wealthy and influential had gone on a raping spree against vulnerable church members who are afraid to speak out against the influential pastor because no one would believe them. While Pastor Josh seemed very protected and absolutely untouchable, it’s up to Bisi to forge a brutal alliance with other female victims and wage an epic battle for justice that had eluded them for so long and bring down the randy, cold-hearted Pastor Josh whose beautiful wife Modele was also his partner in crime… 

“Surviving Pastor Josh” is a story of betrayal, oppression and justice. It shows the travails many innocent rape victims and how difficult it is for them to get justice from a system that’s supposed to protect them.

Surviving pastor Josh


Glossy back cover design by VICTOR AFIESIMAMA

File size: 3.6MB

Available formats: Kindle format, PDF and Hard Cover (Book Format)


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