Elon Musk reveals what will happen if TESLA gets hacked !

CEO of TESLA (TSLA) has finally revealed what will happen if Tesla cars gets hacked in the future. In the video, the controversial CEO said that the company has put measures in place to prevent future hacking of Tesla servers. However he did joke that the hack attempt could be successful. He admitted it is one of the biggest risks facing autonomous vehicles not just Tesla. A hacker could decide to play a prank and want to control all self-driving cars and send them all to another city.

However he said it will be impossible to hack a fleet of Tesla cars at the same time. According to him, even if the hacker succeeds in hacking into a particular car, there is a button in the car that will give anyone in the car to “override authority” and he can regain control of the car again before an accident occurs.



He said “if the car starts behaving funny or wacky, you can just push the button. It will cut off access to the servers. Then you can regain control of the car.  Aside from that, there are some components in the car that has specialized encryption. For example, the power trains, brakes all have special encryption. The encryption will make it impossible for the hacker to gain access to the brakes or power train. That means you can always stop the car no matter what happens.

Tesla Auto pilot system


He further said that we have same problems with phones. A phone can get hacked and the hacker can turn on the camera and microphone. He can listen to the conversations of it’s owner. Furthermore, he boasted that Tesla is very advanced in terms of software than other car makers. In his words, “it will be more difficult for other car companies to protect their systems than it will be for Tesla.”

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