Facebook Dating: Everything you should know.

Facebook Dating: Everything you should know.

Everything you should know about Facebook Dating.

A few days ago, Mark Zuckerberg launched the official Facebook Dating in over 20 countries. He specifically said that Facebook Dating is a tool to help find real long-lasting relationships and not just short term hookups. Before now, lots of people have already started using Facebook to find love. But this new feature is designed strictly for dating purposes and make it easier for anyone to find love online. Of course, there’s no doubt that Facebook dating is not too different from other popular dating apps. But it does have some few features that separate it from the normal dating apps like Badoo, Tinder etc. In this post, TechCapon will take out time to explain all you need to know about Facebook Dating.

It’s not an app:

Ever since it was announced that Facebook Dating has been launched, I have received lots of messages from people telling me that they couldn’t find it on Google Play Store or Apple Store. Funny, it is not a stand-alone app on its own like Messenger. Rather it is just a new feature that is embedded within the main Facebook app itself but works differently from the traditional app. Anyone who wants to find love through Facebook can simply activate it. Note that it works for both Facebook and Instagram.


The good thing about Facebook Dating.

No matter all the controversies surrounding Facebook lately, they seem to be learning from their mistakes by taking privacy very seriously this time. Facebook Dating gives you complete privacy and control over who sees your dating profile and who does not.  This can be done via the “Blocking” menu. However, it is important to note that your dating profile will be seen by other singles who activates Facebook Dating. But you won’t be suggested to anyone who is your current friend on Facebook. So, in this case, your privacy is protected, but you can also choose to have your friends see your dating profile by turning on the feature.

Another good thing about Facebook Dating is that there is a very large selection of people to choose from. Almost everyone I know is on Facebook so it won’t be difficult to find your potential match! 


Secret Crush Feature: This is one of my favourite features!

One of the few things that separates Facebook Dating from other dating apps is the “Secret Crush Feature.” Let’s say you have a secret crush as your Facebook friend and you’re not sure how to approach him or her, you can just deploy the Facebook Secret Crush feature. This feature will notify them that one of their friends has a secret crush on them. If she has already activated Dating then she may know it’s you. That way the both of you can be matched and if she has the same feeling for you then everything is set..


The ugly side of Facebook Dating.

Facebook dating

Don’t have high hopes in Facebook Dating

Yeah I said it. Don’t have high expectations when it comes to online dating, just keep an open mind because anything can happen. It’s a 50-50 thing, you can either meet a great person or meet a complete creep! I have tried online dating a few times myself. Gone on several dates will some of the girls only for me to become bored with some of them and looking for an excuse to escape just after 30 minutes because as usual, some of the girls were not what I expected. So with Facebook Dating, the experience will always be the same despite it’s new features. So don’t expect to automatically find your new husband or wife using the app. But then, you can also find some really hot girls who tick all the right boxes for qualities you need in a woman. So if you just feel bored and don’t want to spend the weekend alone, I advice you to check it out.


Facebook Dating is not perfect.

Facebook dating is still very new and most people are not even aware of the feature yet. So you may request for a slim girl and Facebook will show you a very fat girl. Facebook Dating makes mistakes and lets me explain what I mean. You may select the kind of girl you want. For example say the girl should be with 20km range, between 5ft-6ft tall, between the ages of 20-27, etc. Facebook Dating will start showing you women that are over 40 years old and 4ft tall and far beyond a 40km range. Several complaints have flooded social media about this. I think maybe it’s because it’s still very new. Or maybe because most people haven’t started using the feature yet. But the fact is that it keeps showing people different from what you wanted.


In my next post, I’ll show you a step by step process on how to setup your Facebook Dating profile and find your next potential date.


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