Ford partners with Walmart Inc. for it’s self-driving delivery partnership

Walmart and Ford

walmart automotive

World’s largest retailer Walmart has confirmed that it’s teaming up with Ford for various trial delivery services with its self-driving cars. This shows that the future of the cars will definitely be self-driving cars. Following the partnership, these cars are now delivering groceries and other items to customers without the help of human drivers. Walmart, believe that autonomous deliveries is even more lucrative than having to hire drivers to do the deliveries . This is because with drivers, you have wage bills to pay while using driver-less cars, there are no wage bills.

This program will see all types of goods including groceries, food, etc delivered to customers. This move will not only enhance deliveries, it will make it more efficient. Walmart is going to make it even more attractive to customers by offering discounts to buyers who choose to use this option. Another company, Postmates is already partnering with Ford and Walmart and is sharing it’s latest self-driving pilot program to speed up the process.

Ford Escape: The autonomous self driving car

walmart automotive


The use of self-driving cars to deliver good to customers is going to be a win-win situation for all involved. For the customer, the price of delivery will be relatively low while for the company, it will be less as they wont have to pay a driver to do the deliveries for them. Consultant McKinsey & Co.  has already analysed it and said that few years from now, 80% of all items delivered will be done using autonomous delivery cars.

In the video below, it show how the self driving technology works. The car arrives at Walmart, the Walmart staff loads up the deliveries in the trunk by pressing a touchscreen. It automatically opens the trunk of the car. After that, she loads up the items and press the touchscreen to close the car. Then the driver-less car will drive away all by it’s self to the customer’s residence.

The customer will just enter his order number and his item will pop out. Just like an ATM machine. The car talks to the customer just the same way the ATM machine talks to the customer. At the end, the car will say “Thank You” and drive away.

Other car companies such as Volkswagen AG has already fallen in love with the concept and is in talks to partner with Walmart and other retail stores in the US. This means that if you’re a driver, that job will slowly fade away into thin air in the future.


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