Have Android updates become useless?

Have Android updates become useless?

Android updates have become so useless and don’t matter anymore!

There used to be a time when android updates are so relevant that everyone is waiting for the next big update from Google, NOT ANYMORE! Nowadays most people see Android updates as a mere waste of data because it doesn’t add any major or important feature to the existing ones. They have become irrelevant to the majority of Android users and the craze of staying “updated” is no longer there anymore. These days, there’s really nothing I’m missing if I decide to use Android Oreo instead of upgrading to Pie.

In the last two or three years, things have really cooled off for most people and updating their apps or Operating System have become a waste of time. Now Google has announced that the next OS will be called Android Q instead of Android Q or whatever and no one seems to be even interested. In my own opinion, I think Android has reached its peak and the time is ripe for a new Operating System to be launched that will come with a whole new stack of the exciting feature. I can’t wait for the Huawei’s Harmony OS to see what it has in store.

Android updates

Smartphone manufacturers are the ones trying to spice up their devices by launching custom Skins and ROMs in order to make up for setback from Android itself. Software innovation has really declined badly recently and the upgrades we see these days in Android Pie has already been existing long before now. For example, Dark Mode for Android has already been launched in older devices like the LG G4 long before it came to Android Pie. Digital wellbeing from Google is not exactly new as there are lots of apps on PlayStore that does the exact same thing so what’s the update all about?


Nowadays it really doesn’t matter if you’re running on Nougat, Oreo or Pie. Truth is you’re not missing anything important! I know some may argue that software updates ensure security. The fact is no matter what you do, you can never be 100% secure as far as digital safety is concerned. There’s always a loophole for wrongdoers to exploit and gain access to your most sensitive information. As for me, I have stopped caring about Android updates a long time ago 

and I’m not sure the release of the new Android 10 update will change that.


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